Inadequate human resources in Ministry of Defense

DILI :To date,Ministry of Defense is still facing inadequate human reources to strengthen its institution.  Therefore, the eighth constitutional is planning to increase the number of staff.

National Director for Human Resource (DNRH), Nuno Carvalho dos Santos said his directorate is still using the 2015 organic law no. 29/2015 on Functionaries servise,avaliation and capacity building.

“So, far, what we are doing is training and also we are trying to have another recruitment in 2019” said director Nuno to journalist in his working place (08/10/2018)

He said that from 2009, 49 staffs are permenent staffs in Ministry of Defense, and each year the ministry is seeking for new hired staffs.  At the present the ministry has 11 hired staffs to support the work in the ministry, hence, all the total number of staffs in Ministry of Defense is 60 staffs.  These staff were suported by staffs from the Office the Minister.

“ Our human resource is inadequate to cover all the works within the Ministry.  The number of stff is smaller compared to the scale of work here” said the director.         The director said that ussually proposals for training are addressed to FDHC. The fund covers only training in one program area, the minimum requirement is that the proposal should be in accordance with the work station that the fund is attributed to.

Attention shouldbe put on good monitoring to ensure the type of course and the benefits for the reffered institutions.

The director also informs thatpersonel mapping is also required prior to submitting the proposal in order to very numbers of promotion how many staffs do each directore intend to recruit.

His side will have to contact Public Function to deal with other proccesses, in particular, to obtain extention to those leading positions that are about to end their mandate, while waiting for the 2019 State General Budget.

Other tasks according to the director include ensuring disciplinary and conducting staff’s annual performance appraisal.Performance appraisal to staffs is done bychief of departments, while chief of departments’ perfomance appraisal are done by directors and directors’ are done by general director.

Thus far, DNRH has sent members of members of FDTL and staffs in Ministry of Defense to take specialization course in Indonesia (LEMHANAS), Defense Military Institute in Portugal as well as language course in Australia. Almost all staffs in the ministry were took language course in Australia, only a few people such as general director general inspector have not take the language course.  The continuation of the program is done in coordination with the State General Inspection.

“There are 24 leading positions in Ministry of Defense, this includes chief of departments. Minister of Defense said the ministry will establish two more bigger structures which focus more on international cooperation. These two directorates will head two departments each.

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