Portugal Defense Attaché informed about Aero Academic Training

DILI: Portugal Defense Attaché  in Timor Leste, Mr. Coronel Delfin Zambujo das Dorres informed Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Filomeno da Paixão de Jesus on Aero academic training.

The training aims to provide capacity building to F-FDTL such as technical knowledge, which will help them in providing better security to the nation sovereignty in the future, particularly as preparation for the Timorese Air Force.

According to the attaché’s report, the training will be realized in 2019, in Portugal.  The training will be six years, and will be offered to a group, composed of a pilot, an engineer, a technical officer and a mechanic.

Minister of Defense agrees with the training, as it is essential to the development of F-FDTL in the future, in particular, it produces more qualified human resources in the area as well as Defense politics in securing the territory.  The minister said the training is good for the development of Aerospace.

On Thursday, 13 September 2018, an International company called Avilog Global Ltd, will deliver a presentation on military helicopter.

The company will also talk about promotion on its training for military pilots.  At present, Ministry of Defense is conducting comparative study on training for military pilots.  Therefore, Ministry of Defense is welcoming various companies that offer package training for military pilots, before the government makes final decision regarding training for military pilots.  The comparative study will provide data and references, which later assist the government to make a final and wise decision.

Minister of Defense states that the government will prioritize F-FDTL, especially the component of aero, because F-FDTL has had an operational aircraft.

“The component of aero is now open, we have plan to purchase three more aircrafts, however we need to first conduct a study,” the minister said to journalists when participating in the meeting on the 2019 State Budget (Monday, 17/09/2018)

According to the minister, the aircrafts are not for battle purpose.  The minister will propose the plan and the Council of Minister will decide whether or not to purchase the aircrafts.   In relation to F-FDTL’s plan to establish component of aero, Aero Dili Company has offered an aircraft for operational purpose.  At the moment, three F-FDTL members have finalized their pilot course and seven more members finalized Mechanic course.

The minister said, considering the high price of helicopter and the cost of maintenance, the government will weigh up the decision prior to purchasing the aircrafts.

By: Ligia Noronha/MD

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