Portugal to provide Portuguese course to F-FDTL

DILI: On Monday, 24 September 2018, Minister of Defense (MD), Brigadier General Filomeno da Paixão de Jesus held courtesy meeting with Portugal ambassador Mr. Jose Pedro MachadoVieira who is accomp[anied by Portugal Defense  attaché to Timor Leste, Mr Coronel Delfim Zambujo das Dores.

During the visit, the Ambassador informs Minister Filomeno on bilateral cooperation between the two countries, particularly in Portuguese course for F-FDTL.

Minister Filomeno appreciated the support offered by Portugal, saying that the provision of Portuguese course is one of the priorities for Defense. Therefore, Ministry of Defense will prepare proper infrastructures to accommodate and to facilitate Portuguese library program for F-FDTL. The minister also acknowledges that the program is very important, as the knowledge of Portuguese is still inadequate in F-FDTL.

During the occasion, the ambassador handed an invitation to the minister.  The minister appreciated the invitation and will decide the participation in certain time.

Meanhile, National Directorate for Human Resource (DNRH) Dr. Nuno Carvalho dos Santos informed that each year DNRH offers different capacity buiding programs to staffs in Ministry of Defense and F-FDTL.

By: Ligia Noronha/MD

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