UPF celebrates 15th anniversary

  • MD urges PNTL-F-FDTL to cooperate

DILI: During the celebration of UPFs (Border Unit Police) 15th aniversary, Minister of Defense, who is also interim minister of Interior urges PNTL and F-FDTL to work together in order to provide better border control.

The Minister said that the two forces should have more training on national values.  He added, it is better for the two forces to have joint training in order to know each other well.

“Because our community demands peace, if the two forces are not in good relation, then our community will not live peacefully.  I am not appealing, but I demand, so that all of us walk in the right path to comply with the law of national security,” the minister said during his speech when participating in the celebration of UPFs 15th aniversary in Balibo, Bobonaro (30/09/2018)

According to the Minister, the law of National Security contains principles such as the principle of rationalization, complementarity as well as the principle of subsidiarity.   Of of the principles signifies both UPF and F-FDTL should work together.

In addition to this, The Minister said that the notion of double capacity also signifies that both forces should work effectively in securing the border, not only during the crisis.

However, the minister appreciated UPF’s work dedication, saying despite the difficult political situatioon, the Unit continues to show passion to its mission without complaining and abandoning their works.

“On behalf of the government, I would like express our admiration and appreciation.  Do not blame anyone for the wrong doing in the past, it was all our fault, let us together look forward by preparing better plan,” the minister said.

The minister’s plan is to find an intermediate solution to the government and the National Parliament, and it is imperative to create certain laws to allow better cooperation between the two institutions.

At the same place, the general inspector of PNTL, Commissioner Julio da Costa Hornai also extends his appreciation to the Minister of Defense for being the inspector for the flag raising ceremony.  He further says that the message delivered by the minister is very motivating to PNTL, in particular UPF.  He urges all of PNTL members to put the messages in action with the spirit of discipline.

“Our presence on the border line is to secure and control the movement of people on the border, we need a good cooperation to secure our border by putting more attention to goods and materials that enter and exit from our border,” the General commander said.

The commander further urged immediate cooperation with working partners from Indonesian side, in particular with Indonesian border force and custom, as it is important as a force to ensure trust from the command, the people and the state concerning the work in securing the border.

The commander asked all members of PNTL, especially UPF, not to consider difficulties in the workplace as an obstacle.  He said that UPF should prioritize the sense of patriotism in order to provide better border security in the future.

BY:Ligia Noronha/MD

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