Falur demands transparency from assessors

DILI: Former Deputy of the Timor Leste General Chief  Staff (F-FDTL), Domingos Raul “Falur Rate Laek” in his speech stated that Assessors need to be open and transparent. The commander said that when leading the flag raise ceremony at the F-FDTL Head Quarter in Fatuhada.

“Our assessors who are currently working with us are demonstrating their best capability; they also need to be open to us regarding any failures or wrong doing.  They have the obligation to remind us, but it is bad to vilify us from behind,” the Brigadier said in his workplace, Fatuhada (01/10/2018).

Apart from this, Deputy General Chief of Staff complemented the new structural change in the Ministry of Defense.

Therefore, the commander asked everyone to reflect on the change, saying the change is easy but necessary.

“ I urge F-FDTL and the Ministry of Defense to coordinate and to strengthen each other, this way, we can promote transparency and change in family and as well as in institutional life,” said commander Falur.

According to commander Falur, F-FDTL needs to consolidate its self for development purpose.  Being professional means to observe daily discipline rules, the most important thing is the change in activity in order to bring about change in family as well as in institutional life.  He asks everyone in military force (F-FDTL) to maintain good health.

By:Ligia Noronha/MD

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