National Directorate for Administration and Finance or DNAF analyzes and manages budget execution of the ministry according to finance rules as written on the law.  DNAF promotes efficient and rational public resources management in Defense area.  Other functions are to manage, to develop and to promote adequate administrative system within the ministry.  These competencies have been mentioned in decree law no. 20/2015 on the Ministry of Defense organic law and in ministerial diploma no 14/2015 on the Ministry of Defense organic regulation.

DNAF has the competency to execute the ministry annual budget and programs including supplementary activities and rectifying budget based on competency and attributions to their servicing bodies and activity plan according to legal rules in accordance with budget and public accountability. DNAF is also responsible for managing national action plan of the ministry in coordination with other directorates.

Other duties are to provide legal assistance to financial administration in order to develop programs, to promote, to modernize and to provide administrative rationalization.  DNAF ensures staff’s salary processing and personal allowance in the ministry in cooperation with DNRH.

DNAF also supports other bodies and works within the ministry without any interference to its administrative autonomy, also in the field of financial resource, technical, and the system includes the elaboration of personal security plan and arterial means of the ministry.

DNAF also supervises Planning and Budget Department (DPO), Budget Execution Department and Payment Department (DP)

Address and contact
National Directorate for Administration and Finance 
Av. Mártires da Pátria, Fatuhada, Komoro, Posto Dom Aleixo, Dili, Timor-Leste
Postal code   : 050601
Contact       : (+670) 77312452
E-mail        :

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