National Directorate for Property Management or DJNP is responsible on how to design, coordinate, providing technical support in property management areas such as infrastructure and equipment in Ministry of defense including conducting maintenance and preservation.

DNJP has its own competency to study proposals and to execute necessary measurements regarding the politics of the ministry that are linked to logistic material and military and civil  infrastructure management that is essential to Defense, to guarantee inventarization, maintenance and property preservation in the ministry such as vehicles, offices, office supplies, and other work collaboration.

DNJP is responsible on how to create and assure maintenance of computer basis for internal communication to facilitate daily work performance at the Ministry of Defense. DNJP also develops and implement action plan to improve infrastructure in technology for better communication in the ministry.  The improvement is expected to guarantee technical assistance to all workings in the ministry.

One of the most important roles of DNJP is to elaborate logistic plan and infrastructure in F-FDTL such as the acquisition of military weapons and work equipment for Defense.

National Directorate for Property Management
Av. Mártires da Pátria, Fatuhada, Komoro, Posto Dom Aleixo,  Dili, Timor-Leste
Postal code    : 050601
Contact        : (+670) 77879325

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