The mission of National directorate for International Politics Strategic Planning or DNPEPI is to execute outlines and and the orientation of Defense strategic-politic, conducting study and providing technical advisory concerning to political action of national defense, in particular strategic framework for Defense international relation.    These competencies have been mentioned in decree law no. 20/2015 on the Ministry of Defense organic law and in ministerial diploma no 20/2015 and  on ministerial diploma no. 14 / 2015

DNPEPI is responsible to considering the principle of unity in foreign action of the state, promoting and coordinating the development of foreign relationship of Defense, in particular coordination with united nations organization chart (UN), community of Portuguese Language countries (CPLP) and other multilateral and bilateral forums where Timor is engaging.  DNPEPI provides development plan, coordinates and supports Defense bilateral and multilateral politics, preparing and designing proposal to negotiate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNEC). DNPEPI celebrates legal instrument in Defense area, prticularly on military technical cooperation.

DNPEPI also monitors the implementation of agreement in Defense area, providing opinion on its evolution in order to contribute program assessment. DNPEPI conducts multidisciplinary study and elaborates opinion regarding situation of national defense and presents proposals which contribute to definition and rationale of high decision.

Other tasks include monitoring and analyzing the situation or the evolution of international and regional geostrategic which has implication for national defense, in particular for internal and external threats.  DNPEPI conducts study and proposes measures to minimize vulnerabilities and increase national potentiality.

DNPEPI cooperates with the office 2020 Force in activities such as preparation, implementation, elaboration and revision to strategic study on 2020 Force, including short, medium and long time planning, and when needed, DNPEPI also monitors elaboration for the structure of document prior to preparing strategic planning for Defense force.

The National directorate also contribute to the the elaboration of politics regarding civil-military relation, and is responsible for its implementation. Hence, it also contributes to discussions on Defense cooperation system, security service and civil protection.

DNPEPI cooperates with national intelligence system when needed. DNPEPI is led by a national director nominated based on career scheme or career system and official directorate and leading position from public administration.  DNPEPI coordinates with DNRH and F-FDTL on the referred issue.

DNPEPI is leading three departments namely: Department for Defense Multilateral Cooperation (DCMD), Department for Defense Bilateral Cooperation (DCBD) and Department for Analysis and Development of F-FDTL (DADF)

National directorate for International Politics Strategic Planning
Av. Mártires da Pátria, Fatuhada, Komoro, Posto Dom Aleixo,  Dili, Timor-Leste
Postal code       : 050601
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