National Directorate for Human Resource or DNRH conducts study and analysis, prepares proposal and executes political guidelines regarding human resource management, training, and capacity building including recruitment system, retirement, and support to veterans within F-FDTL.  These competencies were written in decree law no. 20/2015 and on ministerial diploma no. 14 / 2015.

These competencies include: planning, organizing and implementing development of organization management, as well as to manage good and effective politics in Ministry of Defense and F-FDTL.  Other duties are to draft laws and strategic plan for capacity building of agents and functionaries by providing training to public service in coordination with Public Service Commission.

DNHR also extends working coordination with F-FDTL regarding planning for military capacity building. The capacity building allows Military officers to be promoted according to orientation from General Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and the hiring of staffs in Ministry of Defense is executed based on the need and merit.  This is done in coordination with Public Service Commission.

Other DNRH competencies include conducting recruitment and providing related work assistance to F-FDTL. DNRH also evaluates and proposes general basis to recruitment policy, as well as to convoke military mobilization, particularly proposal on military board, career and remuneration.

DNRH defines and proposes baseline for political orientation on conscription and reserve for the military. It also defines mechanism of implementation, observes and manages administrative management for medical assistance to F-FDTL soldiers and veterans.

DNRH guarantees compliance to Public Function statute and other applicable legislations.  DNRH controls activities of public functionaries and agents according to applicable legislation.

DNHR supervises two departments namely : Department of Human Resource Administration (DARH) and Department of Human Resource Development DDRH.

Address and contact
National Directorate for Human Resource 
Av. Mártires da Pátria, Fatuhada, Komoro, Posto Dom Aleixo,  Dili, Timor-Leste
Postal code       : 050601
Contact           : (+670) 7731-2454 / 77008427
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