The missions of the Ministry of Defense General Directorate are to guarantee directorates and general coordination of all works within the ministry, in particular administrative management, patrimonial management and financial management.  The directorate also ensures elaboration of annual programs regarding activities in the ministry and actualization of national development plan.  These competencies were mentioned in decree law no. 20/2015 and in ministerial diploma no.14/2015.

The general Directorate directs, ensures, and elaborates annual activities of the ministry, continues to update works on national development plan and other sectoral plans, internally guarantees administration within the ministry, annual agreement works, and monitors its implementations. The directorate also directs, ensures, and elaborates annual budget and fixes agreements regarding budget and standard of accountability.

The general Directorate also accompanies implementation of general cooperation for the purpose of internal assessment in order to avoid any potential infringement.   It conducts coordination with legal office to elaborate law projects and regulation in Defense sector.  It also involves in political development and regulation in areas of intervention.

It verifies the legality of expenditure and order of payments after obtaining authorization from the minister.  It carries out coordination in the area of intervention and political orientation on relationship between civilians and military. It links with other related works, ensuring affectivity in work, coordinates and collaborate works between the ministry and other entities.

Ministry of Defense General Directorate 
Av. Mártires da Pátria, Fatuhada, Komoro, Posto Dom Aleixo,  Dili, Timor-Leste
Postal code : 050601
Contact     : (+670) 7723-0183
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