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In a new phase of its life, the National Defense Institute (NDI) wants to be equipped with the best tools to move forward its development. With this in mind, we elaborated the 2013 Work Program to operationalize the objectives of the NDI for this year. I highlighted the following ones:´

• To contribute in such a way so the Institute becomes a center of excellence and of reference in the area of teaching, investigation and training;
• The promotion of the academic training of the Armed Forces and of the Forces and Security Service members, as well as the preparation to the future inclusion of the senior management of the Public Administration and private entities in this training framework;
• The granting of academic degrees by offering adequate training cycles, as well as professional qualifications by offering other post-secondary courses and postgraduate programs in areas of interest to the Defense and Security;
• The promotion of research work and scientific research, development and innovation (R&D+I), in the areas of Defense and Security, which encourage the development of Timor-Leste;
• The conception of a strict management of the activities of the Institute;
• To open the NDI to the society.

In summary, within the various action areas of the NDI that comprise our circle of responsibilities, we will create a brand of excellence. The year of 2013 will be inevitably marked by the impact of change generated by the restructuring and redefinition of the NDI. To the vicissitudes and eventual constraints and difficulties, natural in an organization that is in a stage of initial development, our values will prevail and excel. And these are at the present, and I am sure in the future, our motivation.
The planned activities are in line with the priorities. At this stage there are still shortages in terms of human, financial, material and facilities resources, difficulties that will surely be overcome with the support and guidance of the governing Ministry. From our side, we will continue to do everything to fulfill our mission on behalf of Timor-Leste.

My last words are addressed to the distinguished members of the General Council, to whom I thank for the availability to take part in it, which is an honor to us.

The Director of the NDI
Donaciano Gomes (Pedro Klamar Fuik)

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