The Office of Inspection and Audit (OIA) has the attributions on Decree-Law 20/2015, which approved in the Organic Law of the Ministry of Defense. The OIA services is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the regularity of the functioning of the services and ensuring the supervision of the proper administration of the human resources, equipments and financial resources made available to the Ministry and the F-FDTL.

The allocation and responsibility of OIA is to carry out general control and operational activities within the Ministry. In addition, investigating the operational activities resulting in damages and losses for the State and reporting to the Minister of Defense on the investigation.

This is a catalyst for good governance within the MD, as well as ensuring control of the mission and contributing to the implementation of internal control over all directorates.

The services performed by OIA covers three main areas of the MD, oversight of human resources management, financial management oversight and ministry assets. In addition, it is intended to create a relationship of internal cooperation between the various Directorates and the Offices and other institutions to

carry out training programs for human resources, as well as internal audit training courses, financial management, leadership, Portuguese and English courses, and participation in seminars and workshops both internally and abroad.

The monitoring and inspection service led the joint F-FDTL and Ministry Defence team to carry out inspections of F-FDTL equipments and made the necessary recommendations.

This services carried out a joint investigation with the F-FDTL in the bankruptcy procedures, contract management, payment procedures from which irregularities appeared, with referral of the result of the investigation to the competent superior.

Inspection and Audit Office (OIA) 
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