Brigadier-General Domingos Raul “Falur Rate Laek”

Name: Domingos Raul “Falur Rate Laek” Date of Birth: July 9, 1955  BirthPlace: Samaliu, sub-district of Ossu, District of Viqueque, East-Timor. Rank: Brigadier-General. Position: Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Falintil-FDTL.

Falur Rate Laek, was born in the village of Samaliu, in Ossu, District of Viqueque. He is the fourth son of twelve brothers. He started primary school in 1964 and finished in 1968, in Ossu Loi-Huno.

In 1973, he attended the intensive course of School Monitor. During the Indonesian invasion of Timor-Leste on December 7 1975, Falur Rate Laek, then at the age of 20, already provided logistical support to the FALINTIL – the newly formed armed wing of the political party FRETILIN – and organized the population for the Resistance, based on Ossu.

From January 1976 to September 1977, Falur Rate Laek takes on the role of Political Assistant of the Region of Ravines and the East Coastal Zone of East-Timor.

From September 1977 to mid-1978, he is transferred to the Central-Eastern Sector and becomes Commander of the Company of the Self-Defense Forces.

At the end of 1977, the Siege and Annihilation Operation was initiated by the Indonesian Military TMI, who would later decimate the Resistance forces. During the following year, 80% of the Resistance forces and their bases of support were destroyed by Indonesian Forces.

It is from mid-1978 that Falur Rate Laek assumes the role of Platoon Commander of the FALINTIL in the Central-Eastern Sector of East-Timor.

After the fall of the last Support Base in Matebian, in the second half of 1979, Falur Rate Laek surrenders, to the indonesian military, in Viqueque.

From 1980 until August 1983, Falur Rate Laek assumed the functions of Commander of the 2nd Company of the MIPLIN (Milícias Populares de Libertação Nacional, an organization cretated by the clandestine structure of the Resistance).

From August 1983 to April 1, 1984, Falur Rate Laek assumed the functions of 2nd Commander of the 3rd Company of the FALINTIL, in the Central-Eastern Sector of East-Timor, for the coastal regions.

During the following year, Falur Rate Laek becomes the 1st Commander of Company A of the 4th Unit of FALINTIL operating in the same area.

From April 1985 to 1989, Falur Rate Laek assumed the functions of Political Commissioner for the entire region of Viqueque and Same and, after the separation of FALINTIL from FRETILIN, he was appointed Secretary of Region 2 (Baucau and Viqueque).

In 1997, Falur Rate Laek assumed the functions of Commander and Secretary of Region 3 (Viqueque, Manatuto, Aileu and Same) that he maintained until 1999.

In July 1999, the FALINTIL were confined to 4 cantonments and Falur Rate Laek remained in the Headquarters in Waimori.

On 30 August 1999, in a referendum organized by the United Nations, the People of East Timor voted overwhelmingly for independence.

After the popular referendum, followed a period of intense violence that was finally halted by the intervention of the International Force INTERFET, sanctioned by the United Nations. This period decisively tested the degree of discipline of FALINTIL as they were forced to remain quartered while the population pleaded for protection against the devastating and deadly onslaughts committed by Indonesian and pro-Indonesian forces.

In November 1999, Falur Rate Laek was appointed by the CNRT, in coordination with the Transitional Administration, FALINTIL’s Liaison Officer with INTERFET for the northern border region.

From the end of the first quarter of 2000 until the elections in 2001, Falur Rate Laek was the FALINTIL’s Liaison Officer with the United Nations Peace-Keeping Force (PKF) in the Central Sector Command. He was awarded a PKF Praise Certificate for services rendered.

Subsequently, in July 2001, he began the first training course for officers and sergeants of the newly created FDTL, in Aileu, and assumed the functions of Commander of the 1st Battalion until the end of 2007.

He also attended the Disciplinary Officer Course at the Nicolau Lobato Instruction Center in Metinaro.

In 2003, Falur Rate Laek received a Praise Certificate from the President of the Republic of East-Timor, Xanana Gusmão, for services rendered in the scope of the Former Combatants Data Registration Commission.

From January 2008 until 2009, Falur Rate Laek, served as Commander of the Nicolau Lobato Instruction Center in Metinaro.

From August 2010 to August 2011, Falur Rate Laek takes on the interin role of Chief of Staff of the F-FDTL.

On December 7, 2006, Falur Rate Laek is decorated by the President of RDTL with the Order of the Guerrilla.

Again, in 2007, Falur Rate Laek was decorated by the President of RDTL for services provided during Operation Halibur, a joint operation of the F-FDTL with PNTL aimed at restoring security and order in the country following the political crisis of 2006.

On January 17, 2009, Falur Rate Laek was promoted to Coronel of the F-FDTL.

On August 20, 2011, at the National Homage Ceremony of Acknowledgment and Recognition of the ex-combatants of the liberation struggle, Falur Rate Laek is officially demobilized from FALINTIL and decorated along with 235 other ex-combatants.

On June 8 2018, Falur Rate Laek was promoted to Brigadier-General of the F-FDTL.

On October 1 2018, Falur Rate Laek was nominated by the President of the RDTL Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the F-FDTL.

The Brigadier-General Falur Rate Laek is married to Rosa Maria Quintão since 1982. They have three daughters, Maria Assunção, Mimízia and Hilária and a son, José António. Also, he speaks two native languages of East-Timor (Tétum, Makassae), Portuguese and Malay-Indonesian.

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